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GREAT IDEA or PURE RUBBISH? Lagos Governor, Jide Sanwo-Olu Unveils First Locally-Assembled Electric Car In Nigeria (VIDEO)

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Governor of Lagos State, Baba Jide Sanwo-Olu unveiled the first Locally-Assembled Electric Car called Hyundai-Kona.

This car is meant to be an alternative to Fuel-consuming car and a step towards eradicating air pollution caused by cars in Nigeria.


Watch Video Below:-

The fact that Nigeria is not yet a country with 24hours power supply, the idea of this electric car has made some people criticize this innovation.

Imagine an the battery of your electric car dies inside Lagos traffic?

How will people use electric car in a country without stable power supply?

Does the car come with powerbank or are we going to be using generator to charge it too?

If generator can charge the electric car, how then has this solve the problem of air pollution?

It means, as an owner of electric car, you will need to buy fuel to your generator before you can charge your car. 😂😂

Guys, feel free to share your thoughts on this? 👇

Do You Think This Idea Of Electric Car In Nigeria Is A Great Idea Or Misplaced Priority?


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